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Where It All Began

In 1977, a group of parents came together with the common goal to ensure quality services would always be available for their children, no matter their ages. Today, CDS Monarch has grown to fulfill the needs of more than 1,700 people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Our Mission

CDS Monarch assists people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live and thrive in their communities by delivering high-quality, personalized life planning and transition support.

Ready to make a difference?

CDS Monarch is always looking for compassionate and dedicated individuals to join our growing team.

Our Team

Meet Our Senior Leadership

  • Sankar Sewnauth
    Sankar Sewnauth
    Sankar Sewnauth, MPA
    President & CEO
    Sankar Sewnauth serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of CDS Life Transitions. He began his career working for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities as a direct support professional and has held a variety of leadership positions since joining the Agency in 1989. He is responsible for the overall strategic vision, growth, leadership and administration of more than 750 people employed across 22-counties in New York State. Under his leadership, CDS Life Transitions has grown into one of the largest, most diversified, high quality run not-for-profits in New York State.
  • Mark Curletta
    Mark Curletta
    Mark Curletta, CPA, MBA
    Chief Operating Officer
    Mark Curletta is the Chief Operating Officer for CDS Life Transitions and provides leadership, management, and oversight to ensure operational procedures, systems, and functions are in place to facilitate growth, financial controls and started his career with CDSLT in finance. Since, Mark has been a major contributor to every major growth area of the company. He has extensive experience in finance and also oversees all of the CDS Housing developments.
  • Andrew Sewnauth
    Andrew Sewnauth
    Andrew Sewnauth, MBA, MDiv
    Executive Vice President of Operations, CDS Monarch, Unistel Industries & Warrior Salute Veteran Services
    Andrew Sewnauth joined CDS Monarch in 2005 when he began his career in direct care. He is responsible for oversight of daily operations and has served in numerous capacities since.
  • Patricia Arcese
    Patricia Arcese
    Patricia Arcese
    Vice President of Compliance and Quality Improvement
    Patricia Arcese joined CDS Life Transitions in 2014. She has more than 35 years of experience in Quality and Compliance.
  • Melissa Brown
    Melissa Brown
    Melissa Brown, SPHR, MHSA
    Executive Vice President of Human Resources
    Melissa Brown has been with CDS Life Transitions since 2008. She is responsible for oversight of human resources.
  • Judy Consadine
    Judy Consadine
    Judy Consadine, CPA, MBA
    Executive Vice President of Finance
    Judy Consadine joined CDS Life Transitions in 2000. She has 25 years of experience in finance. Judy oversees all financial operations for CDS Life Transitions.
  • Kate Wagner
    Kate Wagner
    Kate Wagner, RN
    Vice President of Operations, CDS Monarch & Warrior Salute Veteran Services
    Kate Wagner has been with CDS Monarch since 2012. She started as a registered nurse for CDS Monarch and worked her way up to Vice President of Operations for CDS Monarch and Warrior Salute Veteran Services.

Meet Our Board of Directors

  • Jennifer Carlson
    Jennifer Carlson
    Jennifer Carlson
    Second Vice Chair
    Mrs. Carlson is a Deputy Executive Director at FLACRA
  • Richard Yarmel
    Richard Yarmel
    Richard Yarmel
    Mr. Yarmel is a Partner at
    Harter Secrest & Emery LLP.
  • William Woodard
    William Woodard
    William Woodard
    Mr. Woodard is a family member whose daughter lives at the CDS Monarch Turk Hill Apartments and is a retired financial executive.
  • Susan Travis
    Susan Travis
    Susan Travis
    Ms. Travis is a family member whose daughter lives at CDS Monarch’s Janes Road residence. She is the secretary to Judge Frank P. Geraci, Jr. in the New York State Unified Court System.
  • Jean Lowe
    Jean Lowe
    Jean Lowe
    Ms. Lowe is the retired President of the Greater Rochester Housing Partnership. Her son works for Unistel Industries.
  • Jerry McCullough
    Jerry McCullough
    Jerry McCullough
    CDS Wolf Foundation Board Chair
    Mr. McCullough is the Vice President at Ryan Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Fire Protection. He feels connected to the mission because he has an uncle with a developmental disability.
  • Angel Morales
    Angel Morales
    Angel Morales
    Mr. Morales is a resident of CDS Monarch’s Matthew Drive home, and he works for Unistel at the Wolf Life Transitions Center.
  • Dennis Olbrich
    Dennis Olbrich
    Dennis Olbrich
    Mr. Olbrich is the President and General Manager of paper, photo chemicals and film at Kodak .
  • David Phillip
    David Phillip
    David Phillip
    David Philip is successfully living in the community with the help of CDS Monarch’s community habilitation, supported employment and efforts on his own to progress in his career at Wegmans (where he has been employed for over 6 years).

The Time to Start Living an Independent and Fulfilled Life, is Now.

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